Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics

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Most importantly, translation is a practice related to the ethics of hospitality, to a participative and reflexive understanding of the Other. As a practice of life, it shall welcome not only the specificities of the language and culture of the translator but also those of the translated sign, in a dialogical and dialectical process.

This approach allows one to overcome a narrow and simplistic view of translation as a fixed equivalence or as the implementation of predetermined strategies and paving the way for a new concept of translation seen as a creative, dynamic and subjective semiosis.

By adopting an approach based on discourse analysis and semiotics, the author stresses the need for the translator to handle the intertextual relationship between signs in a text and as well as the importance of dealing with the text as a whole sign, seen in a global perspective which overcomes the mere one-to-one linguistic equivalence. Translation then identifies a real challenge: that of transposing in another cultural area of inter-texts strongly influenced by their own cultural environment.

The author encourages the overcoming of linguistic difficulties by adopting a semiotic model which helps decoding the components of conceptual metaphors of original texts in the studied corpus and encoding of the target texts, through negotiation and prioritisation at a macro-propositional level. Another challenge arises as most conceptual metaphors are based on the sharing of sensitive and culturally schematically experiences.

Their translation therefore should adjust to expressions of similar but slightly different experience in that other culture. We take a further step in linguistic and cultural transposition. It is no longer a question of adjusting to another language and another culture, but rather to establish and strengthen a culture being transformation and constituted.

The task of research refers to the universals of translation, which are integrated in a thorough reflection on the cultural dimension of the translated texts. While outlining the milestones of the history of translation supports and advocating for a further research in the field, the author emphasises the role of globalisation as well as of information and communication technologies given their profound impact on the definition of the object of study in translation, on translation methods, on the conceptualisation of textual genres and, on the modalities of action and interaction in the creation and reception of the translation products.

The focus on multi-modal texts and the attention on the diversity of different sign systems involved in the generation of textual meaning emphasises the need for an openness to new forms, practices and manifestations of translation. The challenge is thus prospective because it must integrate with translational practice not only innovative diversification of media and forms, but also their sustainable and constitutive instability in the digital age.

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Bernal-Merino highlights the economic and social importance of the localisation process of video games as well as the need to reflect on translation practices which recreate the entertainment and aesthetic experience of the original products. In the face of a growing awareness by the production companies toward issues related to the effective localisation of their software, the proposed analytic semiotic model allows better treatment of the meaning layers and of the modes of interaction in multi-modal texts and provides therefore an improved production of localised video games.

He then invites us to consider, on balance, the backward effects of globalisation. Instead of assuming a trivialisation and neutralisation of socio-cultural differences, on the contrary, video games incite a specific topical anchor, whose translation will transpose, precisely, what intuitively seems an irreducibly singular dimension.

Basing her reasoning on the analysis of a corpus of film extracts, the author illustrates methods which innovate over the rigidity of classical subtitling and better meet the lexical, syntactic and spatiotemporal constraints which render the translational practice particularly difficult in this field. These new techniques are not based on the traditional need aimed at erasement, but rather allow better-integrated sub-titles and their enhancement as of intensifying elements of the thymic and aesthetics load of the film medium.

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In a certain manner, the translation proceeds in this case with a semiotic reclassification of sub-titles. These are more than mere verbal statements to be translated, but are complex visual-cinematographic devices which must be transposed. The analysed corpus consists of lithographs of the considered period which interwove images and language inscriptions in Greek and French. The semiotic approach allows here to unveil the thymic charge as well as the artistic and media dimension of the lithographs which serve the national cause of a new born Greek State.

Translating Life Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics

It is in a way another case where translation contributes to transform, establish and affirm a new cultural era. The author deals with fundamental issues in both semiotics and translation studies, such as the conceptual and operative hierarchy between translation and interpretation, the question of dynamic meaning and of the different levels of pertinence making in the translational transfer, and it also opens up on fecund inter-disciplinarity perspective, aimed at tackling the problems of being unable to decide, performance and experience, as well as the opposition between conceptual and thymic meaning.

In this original study of the work of the Romanian scholar in areas which apparently are situated far apart from each other, the authors reveal the relations and algebraic and geometric symbolism underlying the poetic production and thus they reconstruct the inter-semiotic transfers between the mathematical ideal and the spiritual lyricism.

King presents a highly novel case of inter-semiotic translation between iconic and verbal texts and performance practices. This testimony is also a tribute to Umberto Eco, whose work has deepened our understanding of semiotics and translation studies. Plan 1. Semio-translational perspectives.

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