Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics

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Stephen Wendel, HelloWallet's head researcher, takes you step-by-step through the process of applying behavioral economics and psychology to the practical problems of product design and development.

Behaviour Change By Design

Using a combination of lean and agile development methods, you'll learn a simple iterative approach for identifying target users and behaviors, building the product, and gauging its effectiveness. Discover how to create easy-to-use products to help people make positive changes. I received an electronic version of this book for free on LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

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While this book focused on the how and why of processes to design products that can help behavior change, I also found it helpful to better understand behavior change in myself. I now better understand why some things that seemed logical did not work and now I have new principles to try in order to better achieve success.

This is a book that I would have enjoyed as a textbook in college. This book was written in a format that felt more like a dialog instead of a dry collection of data on a topic. For me, this made it easier to read and understand. I really appreciated the "On a Napkin" summary section at the ends of the chapters. I felt the style in which they were written made them more helpful than many other types of summaries I have read in textbooks.

I was excited to see the appendix that had "Resources to Learn More" which gave a little information about each resource, such as the topic specifics and why it might be helpful. I read this book on a Kindle Paperwhite. I liked how the footnote links would just show the data for that footnote on top of the page I was reading instead of taking me to another page that I had to back out of unless I clicked on the option to go to the footnote page.

However, there was one format feature that did not work well on my Paperwhite. There was a chart where different colors indicated different meanings. However, in black and white, there was no difference in shades, so I was unable to figure out what was what on the chart. The only other format oddity that stuck out to me was that the "y" at the end of "Appendix C. Bibliography" was on the second line by itself instead of pulling the whole word down with it to the next line.

Use Behavioral Insights to Build Better Products

This is definitely a book I want to keep around for future reading and reference, though I would prefer to have a physical copy, as that is more helpful to me for this type of book. I think that there is material in this book that could be useful to anyone studying behavior change. He identifies the target behavior, the new behavior and what is needed to make that happen.

About The Author

What sets this book apart is that he also examines obstacles to behavior change and develops methods to work around those obstacles. He also determines where to place that product to trigger its use. We of course see these items everywhere around us, e. Wendel's plan is up-to-date or ahead of its time, personalized, and again, specific and detailed.

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Recommended for anyone looking for new ways to change their own or others' behavior. Wendel combines research knowledge with the latest technology for a whole product. First, I need to begin by saying that this book was totally not what I was expecting - I broke the first rule I try to teach my students which is to make sure one understands the author's message before moving on.

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I initially believed this book was something I would find helpful, for the classroom, when dealing with behaviors that interfere with student achievement and socialization. The author makes it very clear in the Preface that this is absolutely not what this book is about. BE elements can add benefit in understanding how people think, decide and act when developing SBCC programs.

The project prioritized contraceptive use as a primary behavioral goal, but framed it within a cycle of family health behaviors, celebrating marriage Mabrouk! Within that larger frame, messaging focused on the benefits of the following lifestage behaviors:. CHL positioned each behavior as an informed choice that people make in order to protect their greatest asset—good health—a deeply held value that emerged strongly in pre-campaign formative research. Behavioral economics posits that people make decisions automatically, by using mental shortcuts.

Commitment devices and reminders can help decrease the cognitive burden required to sequence or complete a complex task.

Creating Impact with Behavioral Science | Impactually

Pre-committing to a particular decision can help people align their actions with their preferences. All Wazazi Nipendeni media encourages listeners and viewers to send a free text message to a dedicated short-message-service SMS number to receive more information on healthy pregnancy. A set of initial introductory questions allows users to register as pregnant women, mothers of newborns, birth supporters, or general information seekers, and establish the date of pregnancy or age of the newborn, where relevant.

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