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Some cancers cause itching.

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Doctors think it may be due to substances released by the tumour or by the body reacting to the tumour. The itching tends to be all over the body but worse on the legs and chest. It usually goes when you have treatment for the cancer. Some cancer treatments cause itching. This may be itching over the whole body generalised itching or just in one part of the body.

Itching causes & treatments - Illnesses & conditions | NHS inform

You may also have a rash. About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since Questions about cancer?

Call freephone or email us. Skip to main content. Coping with cancer. Coping with cancer Coping physically Skin problems with cancer Dealing with itching. Diagnosing the cause of your itch There are a number of reasons why you may itch.

What can cause itchy skin without a rash?

It could be due to: dehydration your treatment your age hormone changes - if you have gone through the menopause your skin may be dry the time of year - in the winter, your skin is more likely to be dry from cold air outdoors and central heating in buildings Jaundice Jaundice is a build up of bile in the bloodstream and body tissues.

A number of things may cause jaundice, including: drugs that affect the liver or bile system, including some herbal remedies inflammation of the liver hepatitis breakdown of red blood cells liver disease, including cancer gallstones other gall bladder disease, including cancer cancer of the head of the pancreas - the tumour can block the bile duct Allergy Itching can be a sign of an allergy. Infections Some infections can make you itchy. The cancer itself Some cancers cause itching.

Cancer treatments Some cancer treatments cause itching. Find out whether itching is a side effect of your treatment.


Talk to your doctor or nurse if your itching is causing distress. Search our clinical trials database for all cancer trials and studies recruiting in the UK.

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  4. Other symptoms may include itchy skin , or feeling or being sick. If you or your child has been diagnosed with liver disease, the British Liver Trust or Children's Liver Disease Foundation can also offer advice and support.

    7 Fascinating Signs Your Itchiness Is Actually A Larger Health Issue

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    Both cancer itself and cancer treatments may cause itching (pruritis)